What if you...
... woke up ready to take on the world every morning?

... felt, at the end of the day, like everything you did that day was worthwhile?
... had clarity of purpose and felt sure about how you spend your time?

... lost the feeling of personal frustration and felt like you were moving forward in your life?

Good News!  
This is entirely possible!  

Authenticity Lab

Together, we can transform your feelings of being stuck and frustrated into feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment by expressing your authentic, bad-ass, empowered self.

How do I know?
Because I've been stuck, gotten un-stuck and have helped others achieve their dreams and feelings of fulfillment too.  


After a series of really bad luck (watch my TEDx talk to hear the story), I was faced with having to reinvent myself. I've been up and down on that journey, have subsequently been diagnosed with chronic illness, and have found myself with no job twice. Any of these low points could have been the end. Instead, I dig deep into what my inner, most authentic self needs, and I usually find the answer. 


My most important solution came in the form of solo kayaking the Mississippi River from source to sea, documenting plastic waste and water quality along the way. It was hard work the whole time, but every day I went to sleep well satisfied and sure that I was doing the right thing.  

Self-assuredness and satisfaction is all too rare in modern life. Honing the courage and skills needed to listen and express my authentic self in order to feel this deeply fullfilling sensation has been due in part to self-reflection, but I have benefited from having caring and thoughtful people in my life, as well. My ultimate joy now, is helping you discover and express your courageous awesome self, too--and I promise you don't have to paddle a whole river to get there!  


While happiness is a fleeting emotion, satisfaction can endure, even in the difficult parts of life. It tends to yield more happiness, but even in the doldrums of life, it provides stability, strength, and calm.   

Where: From the comfort of your own home (online!)

When: beginning in mid May or early June 2020 (exact date TBA). Sign up for my newsletter to get info on when this will be offered again!

       We will be running live group meetings on Thursday nights (online) 7:30-9:30pm EST every week. If you are unable to join live, the session will be recorded and shared.  

       Only 12 people in this group, for optimal attention and group dynamics.
       Last day to join: TBA  

What you'll get: 

  • 18 weeks of authenticity coaching

  • 8 modules (2 per month), plus a welcome and wrap-up session in the form of pre-recorded lessons

  • Weekly coaching calls with me and your group do deep dive on the lesson material

  • 1 one-on-one session with Alyssum

  • Regular emails every week to keep you engaged, on track, and in the mode

  • Custom-designed workbook to use as your study guide 

  • Access to a community of other authenticity-seekers/pioneers

  • Continuous feedback and support

  • Lots of exercises and strategies to build your authenticity practice in each of the 8 modules

  • Weekly homework exercises

Why this is important:

  • You will learn and practice the skills and tools it takes to be your authentic self

  • You can use these skills and tools at ANY POINT in the future and they will still be relevant and helpful

What makes me an excellent guide:

  • I'm super compassionate, not judgemental

  • I've been in your shoes

  • The exercises we will use are coping skills I have used myself, have shared with others.  They work!

  • I've sharpened my coaching skills over more than 15 years of teaching

  • Each module distills some of the most salient aspects I've learned from years of studying dance, environmental conservation, adventure, clowning as well as personal observation

  • I love stories, which means I'm interested in yours


What we will cover:  

Module 1

Expression.  How do you express yourself?  The importance of and breadth of this topic is why we will cover this first--so we can continue working on it throughout.

Module 5

Peace of Mind.  Brain. Ego.  It rules us so much of the time in this culture.  We will give it some analytical information to make it happy, but we will also learn how to maintain the peace.

Module 2

Spirit.  Simply, what makes you feel in line with your spirit?  We will be covering multiple ways to unearth these answers.

Module 6

Service.  An enormous part of meaning in our lives comes from how we work to make the world a better place.  In this module we work on cultivating this awareness and some goals.

Module 3

Embodiment.  Our bodies hold so much wisdom but we are often taught only to trust our minds.  This is not about being fit/healthy (although that's marvelous!), but about tuning in to your physical self.

Module 7

Environment.  It's all about interconnectedness.  We rely on the health of the environment for our own health and vice versa.  We will focus on nature and your relationship with it.

Module 4

Emotion.  Our emotions can be absent or can rule us. In this module, we will work on skills to find the balance you've been looking for.

Module 8

Community.  We are not isolated islands, nor should we be.  Having community is deeply important for our support and well-being.  Let's explore how we can optimize ours.

The Nitty Gritty

This is for YOU if:

  • You are ready for a change

  • You are super motivated to do the work

  • You are willing to try new things

  • You like the idea of being a pioneer

  • You are not interested in letting fear rule your life

Personal Investment Options

I am also committed to the premise of a sliding-scale model.  
I believe there are way too many coaches out there who are in it for the money more than to make a difference.  While I need to make an income myself, my drive to coach others comes from a place of wanting to help as many people as I can to achieve a more personally sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.  I have found myself in poor financial situations, often through no fault of my own, so I have great compassion for you regardless of your circumstance. The last thing I want for you is to have to make a decision about this program when improving your circumstances NOW would help you the most. Please email me at AwakenAuthenticity@gmail.com or book a (free) discovery call with me to learn more about how my sliding scale works if the above prices are outside your current budget.  

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