Alyssum Pohl

I want the world to be a better place.  Let's do this together.  After years of frustration in my professional life, but otherwise leading a fairly happy life, I realized that I am most fulfilled I when I do exactly what feels good at a deep soul level, no matter what society or family values suggest are the 'best' decisions.  I gave a TEDx talk about innovation told through contortion; I became the 2nd woman to solo kayak the Mississippi River from source to sea, documenting plastic waste and water quality along the way; and now I am helping others realize their best and most authentic selves.   This is incredibly fulfilling work.


Rewriting my resume

Sometimes I feel like I've lived several lifetimes because of the myriad esoteric experiences I've had.  Here are some. These reflect what I'm most proud of much more than my 'professional resume'.

Important dates in my life


Fully committed to Awaken Authenticity! Also working on another, related book.


Writing a memoir.  Based on the story of paddling the Mississippi, this memoir will tell the story of my life. Have you ever written a book? It's fricken hard!

June 26 - Nov 4, 2015

Solo kayaked the Mississippi River from source to sea, documenting plastic waste and water quality.  Paddle On!

Summer 2011

I realized I was an artist, no matter how much I tried to keep it 'just a hobby'.  I had always thought that artists were so brave and audacious to claim the title, but I realized that I wasn't just creative on demand...I was creative all the time whether I meant to be or not. This was scary and relieving and freeing.

April 2011

I pulled together a TEDx Monterey talk about innovation...but I made it a story-telling-through-contortion performance.   


I was in school for 30 years.  Montessori pre-school and elementary, home schooling when I lived on a sailboat with my family for a year, public school for middle school in the inner city and in Eastern Kentucky, Catholic high school, University of Kentucky where I was in the Gaines Fellowship and got a BS in biology, four painful years in veterinary medical school, two marvelous years in Monterey California getting a masters degree in international environmental policy.  I'm a total nerd, but I think I'm done for a while.