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January 3, 2018

Althea Skinner on authenticity of the heart.

Since I met Althea, her life has been full of tumult within her intimate relationships.  That has recently changed and she shares with us the insights she's gleaned from the experience.  

In this conversation, we talk a...

December 29, 2017

Graham & Clive Pohl on
familial and cultural expectations.

I almost started this sentence with "Y'all" and immediately thought, 'No, my uncles will see this, and so will the rest of my family, and they might think that's too conversational.'  Which is to say, family and...

December 26, 2017

Mira Betz on
on finding authenticity in doing the dishes.

Merry Christmas if you celebrate!  This mini bonus video is an important addition to the series, and you'll see why when you watch it.  

Today I want you to know:

  • You are allowed to break down

  • You a...

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