Authenticity Speaks Volumes/ Holding You Hostage Mashup: Chelsea Pohl

January 17, 2018


Chelsea Pohl and I "hold you hostage," authentically.

For this interview, we're doing things a bit differently.  In the vein of the YouTube channel that my sister and I have, Holding You Hostage, we're doing a bit of a mashup.  Get ready for a silly intro and outtro, but rest assured the meat of the interview is solid.  

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • Roller Derby

  • Kids as reflections of yourself

  • Exhaustion as a parent

  • Self care

  • Knowing who you are

  • Art

  • Doing vs Not Doing something

  • Ego

  • Wanting to feel loved and accepted

  • Popularity

  • Awkward phases 

  • Suffering and Connection

  • My space “about me” quotes

  • Being a chameleon 

Haven't had enough? Here's the first interview I attempted with Chelsea, LOL. She can also be followed on Instagram; friended on Facebook; found at Claw and Talon in Boulder, Colorado where she manages her husband's tattoo shop; found working for Android Jones; or playing a roller derby bout with the Boulder County Bombers team the ShrapNellies as Leslie Nope.  

Click the image of the video below to watch the interview.

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