Authenticity Speaks Volumes: Kendra Adkisson

January 24, 2018


Kendra Adkisson on priorities.

Kendra is so real.  She's a mom, she's a nurse and midwife.  She's super busy and she tells it like it is.  She isn't afraid to admit her failings which makes it so much easier for the rest of us to own our own and feel a bit less-bad about them.  She's full of wanting the best for the world, and has a warrior's energy.  

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • Ambition

  • Motherhood

  • Feminism

  • Midwifery

  • Guilt

  • Prioirites

  • Mid-life crises

  • Compulsivity.

  • Ego

  • Professionalism

  • Putting on a happy face, patience

  • Perception

  • Non-attachment

  • 1st world problems

  • Gratitude

  • Perspective flashcards

  • Universe

  • Serenity Prayer

  • Adopted children

  • Haiti

Kendra can be found at the Yale School of Nursing, or on her YouTube Channel.  



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